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Warsaw Wedding Videographer


The romantic wedding day in Warsaw was a fairy tale come true, with the charming mix of modern and old architecture as its backdrop. The sunlit cobblestone streets exuded a timeless charm, while the scent of blooming flowers and freshly baked pastries filled the air. Love was celebrated amidst the rich history and enchanting beauty of this magical city.


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We are speechless after watching the movie and would like to thoroughly thank you for this wonderful piece of artwork. Our day was recaptured in a surprising way, with so many moments we forgot about. Our tears are drying of watching, but every time we watch it again we cannot hold ourselves from our emotions of watching it. Milena & Leo


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Why do you want me to capture your Warsaw wedding on video?

From the beginning, we decided to have our wedding being captured on video only. This is why we did not book a professional photographer. Having our Warsaw wedding video captured and weaved by someone who is a friend rather than a vendor is a priority.

Why did you pick me to film your Warsaw wedding video?

Your talent to capture very special moments is extraordinary. You have the ability to capture the moments, which we tend to forget. We admire the way, how you capture those and keep them as a treasure for our future.

What do you do? How do you spend your days?

We like to travel, hike in the nature, cook, have long, deep talks, do sports, discover cultures, and spend time with our family. We’re interested to get to know people of different backgrounds.

The proposal: Tell me everything that happened leading up to your Warsaw wedding

Leo: We got engaged on a hike up the mountain Babia Góra on the border between Poland and Slovakia. It was not an easy hike since it was still snow in the mountain meaning we had to deal with sliding. At the same time, the sun came out and we could enjoy a beautiful spring day. And while walking with our group of a few people I had to find the right moment. At the top of the mountain, we managed to have more distance to our group. We sat down, I took out the ring of my backpack, fell on my knees and asked Milena if she wants to be my wife.

The location: Why a Warsaw wedding above anywhere else?

As we are family related to Poland, Japan and Germany, our choice lay between these three countries. We eventually decided for Poland because most people never visit Poland and we wanted to offer our guests something exotic. Warsaw is the city where we met for the first time in person and where we usually spend much time together. The wedding venue Pastelove Pola is a beautiful location which meets our requirements. It is located in rural surroundings and at the same time is close to Warsaw. It has the potential to let our friends and family spend an unforgettable day and night with us.

What experience do you want to give to your guests?

As our guests come from all around the world, we took the initiative to make our wedding a multi-day event. To bring the various cultures together, we organized group activities in Warsaw and a pre-wedding dinner with our friends and families.

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